Jesus Christ delivered two ordinances to the Church.  One of these is Baptism.

We believe that baptism is by immersion only (Acts 8:38-39); That it is a picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Rom 6:3-5).  That as Jesus was buried in the grave, so are we buried in baptism and as Jesus was raised from the dead, so are we raised to new life in him.

Baptism is the first act of obedience after a person receives Chirst as their personal saviour and is a public testimony of their faith in Christ
(Acts 2:41)

In order to achieve scriptual Baptism there are three elements required.
  • The proper Subject
  • The proper Mode
  • The proper Authority

The proper Subject is simply a believer in Christ (Act 8:36-37 Act 2:41).

The proper Mode is immersion in water (John 3:23, Act 8:38-39).

The proper Authority is the Local New Testament Church that Christ established on this earth (Mat 15:18, Mat 28:19-20, I Cor 12:13).

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